Roman Blinds can be fitted on the inside or outside of a window recess: those fitted on the inside of the recess give a neat resolution, are best for light exclusion (important for bedroom blinds) and are generally more straight forward to fit. Roman blinds fitted outside the recess can be mounted up to 5 inches above the window to cover the persiana box, so that, when raised, they allow most of the available light to enter the room.

Measuring for a Roman Blind

Take several width measurements and supply the narrowest minus 1cm. Measure the length of the blind without any deductions. Lastly take a measurement from the top of the blind to the floor.

For a Blind inside the window recess

Width Measurement, measure at the top, middle & bottom, (old properties can be rather variable!) take the smallest measurement of the three and then deduct 1 cm so that there is a little bit of clearance space for the blind to happily pull up and down without snagging; this measurement is the finished blind width.

Length Measurement  measure the recess from top to bottom, do not deduct anything, this measurement is the finished blind length.

As a guide, for a width measurement, measure the window of sill. For length, measure the length of the recess and add 10-15cm. Lastly measure the length from the top of the blind to the floor.

For a Blind fitted outside the window recess

Roman blinds may be positioned outside of the recess of the window in order not to diminish the amount of light coming into the room.

Length Measurement: We recommend that the top of the blind be set 10-15cm above the window or just above the persiana box and that a further 5cm is added to the length ie. below the sill. How far above the top of the window is a matter of personal preference as this alters the proportions of the window space and depends on space available.

Width Measurement: We suggest that the width of the blind is the same width as the window sill if there is one. Again, this is a matter of personal preference and depends on space available.

Fitting a Roman Blind

Young children can strangle in the loop of pull cords and chains that operate window coverings. Please ensure all cords are tied away from reach.

Your blind is supplied ready to fit.  You will need brackets and screws to attach the blind to the wall. These come in different sizes depending on the size of the protruding persiana box (if any) and the surface to which the blind is being fitted.

You will need:

Wall brackets (depending on depth of persiana box etc)
Blind and fittings
Driller-driver or drill and screw driver
Spirit Level (although it is sometimes better to work by eye)
A pencil/marker